Marbella – Mirador de Juanar

Marbella – Mirador de Juanar

Sábado, 26-05-2012

Puntos de encuentro – Meeting points – Treffpunkte

09:00 Sabinillas: Parking Lidl

09:30 Marbella (Cementerio – Friedhof)

Nos encontramos en Marbella a las 9:30, junto al cementerio (A355 a 1 km de la Cañada hacía Ojén), subiremos un par de coches al Refugio de Juanar para luego bajar. Son 7,5 km, con 800 metros de desnivel. 2,5 – 3 horas. Os ruego llegar puntuales para salir pronto por el calor. Llevad suficiente agua!

We meet at 9:30 in Marbella, near the cemetery (A355 to Ojén, just about 1km after the roundabout near La Cañada) to take some cars up to the Refugio de Juanar, then drive back to start walking from there. It’s a 7,5 km walk, with 800 meters altitude difference. 2,5 to 3 hours.

Please be punctual, so we can start early, because of the heat. Bring enough water.

Treffpunkt um 9,30 Uhr am Friedhof an der A355 Richtung Ojen (in der Nähe des Einkaufzentrums La Canada). Von der N340 bei km 185 auf die A355 Richtung Ojen und nach ca. 1 km liegt links der Friedhof. Wir bringen dann ein paar Autos hoch um später damit zurückfahren zu können. 7,5 km und der Höhenunterschied ca. 800 m, 2,5 bis 3 Stunden.

Bitte pünktlich sein, damit wir bald loskommen wegen der Hitze. Genug Wasser mitbringen!


About Johanna

I have been living in Andalusia for many years, and often get asked, what made me move here in the first place... There is no mistery to it; I love the mountains and the sea, and here I have both, unspoled nature in the Hinterland, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, and in front of me, an open horizont! What more could I ask for? I work as a hiking guide for SUR-walks, my own little company, just me and my dog!
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2 Responses to Marbella – Mirador de Juanar

  1. It is not necessary to bring some cars to Juanar. Instead follow route D001 at
    The path from Juanar to Ojén is easy and goes always downstairs passing El Botanico de Ojén. At Ojén take the bus to Marbella Central Bus station and from there have another 20 minutes walk to the Marbella cemetery (or to La Montua where you can park your car too). I am sorry that I can’t join this walk because I am now in Germany.
    Good luck!

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