Transport from La Linea

Hola, os ruego confirmar quien va a venir el sábado, para organizarnos con los coches. Nona se ha ofrecido de voluntaria de llevar conmigo un coche a La Linea, pero si venís muchos, hay que llevar otro coche más. Los demás pueden vernos a las 10:00 en la entrada al Puerto de Sotogrande (cerca de Torreguadiaro).

Hi, please confirm if you are coming Saturday for the walk, we need to take a car or more to La Linea. Nona is volunteering, but if we are more people, we need more cars. So let me know! We meet at 9 to take the cars to La Linea, the rest can meet us at 10 at the entrance gate to Sotogrande Port (near Torreguadiaro).


About Johanna

I have been living in Andalusia for many years, and often get asked, what made me move here in the first place... There is no mistery to it; I love the mountains and the sea, and here I have both, unspoled nature in the Hinterland, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, and in front of me, an open horizont! What more could I ask for? I work as a hiking guide for SUR-walks, my own little company, just me and my dog!
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9 Responses to Transport from La Linea

  1. says:

    Hallo, komme gerade von Malaga zurück, bin ziemlich müde… Aber ich möchte morgen mitkommen. So, wie ich das sehe, ist das okay, wenn ich erst um 10 h zu Lidl komme. Oder sehe ich das falsch? Lg. Anne

    • johamay says:

      Hallo Anne, um 10 Uhr am Eingang zum Hafen von Sotogrande, beim Schranken (nach Torreguadiaro), NICHT beim Lidl!!!! Oder um 9 beim Lidl. Schön wenn Du mitkommst! Dann bis morgen. LG Johanna

      El 05/10/12 20:01,

  2. Anna says:

    me apunte para el paseo pero me ha surgido una cita para el trabajo así no contáis conmigo.
    hasta a la próxima

  3. Lynn says:

    Hi Johamay. I did turn up last week at Lidl but nobody was there alas….rain. I have just returned to London so I will contact when I return. Lynn

    • johamay says:

      Hi Lynn, I’m sorry to hear that, but I did cancel it on the blog because of the rain. Please subscribe to this blog (follow), so you get our up-dates.
      Hope to see you soon. Regards, Johanna

  4. deborah says:

    Hi could you tell me approximately how long the walk will take. i have a 2pm appointment in estepona and this walk is right on my doorstep and would love to do it

    • johamay says:

      If we start walking at about 10:00, we have 15 km to walk, should take us about 3 hours and then we’ll go for a drink… Unless you have your own car in La Linea and rush back, there is probably not enought time.

  5. caroline says:

    Hi there, my friend and I will be joining you on Saturday – at Lidl at 9am. Look forward to meeting you then. thanks Caroline

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