Los Pedregales – Monte del Duque – Refugio de Casares – Casares

Ruta Linear – 14 km

Sábado – Saturday – Samstag 13-10-2012

Punto de encuentro – Meeting Point – Treffpunkt:

9:00 Lidl Sabinillas

Saldremos desde Los Pedregales de Estepona por el Valle de la Acedía y el Monte del Duque hacía el Refugio de Casares y desde allí bajaremos a Casares, donde podemos tomar unas tapas. Pasaremos por un precioso bosque de alcornocales y tendremos vistas espectaculares a Casares y la costa.
Necesitamos llevar uno o dos coches a Casares antes de empezar a caminar. Lleva agua y un bocata.

We start from Los Pedregales en Estepona, walking along the Acedía Valle and the Monte del Duque towards the Refugio de Casares. From there we walk down to Casares where we can have some tapas. It’s a beautyful walk through Kork Forest, with amazing views to Casares and the coast!
We need to take one or two cars up to Casares before we start walking. Bring water and a sandwich.

Wir starten von Los Pedregales in Estepona, wandern durch das Acedía Tal und den Monte del Duque in Richtung Refugio de Casares.  Von Refugio wandern wir dann nach Casares hinunter und können dort leckere Tapas essen. Es ist eine wunderschöne Wanderung durch Korkwald mit herrlicher AUssicht auf Casares.
Bevor wir losgehen müssen wir ein oder zwei Autos nach Casares bringen. Wasser und ein Sandwich mitbringen!


About Johanna

I have been living in Andalusia for many years, and often get asked, what made me move here in the first place... There is no mistery to it; I love the mountains and the sea, and here I have both, unspoled nature in the Hinterland, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, and in front of me, an open horizont! What more could I ask for? I work as a hiking guide for SUR-walks, my own little company, just me and my dog!
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9 Responses to Los Pedregales – Monte del Duque – Refugio de Casares – Casares

  1. Christiane says:

    Hi Johanna, is 9.00 @ Lidl still the plan? I would like to join, but need a lift as I don’t have a car :(. Thanks, Christiane

    • johamay says:

      Hi Christina,
      no problem, I’m going up to meet Nona in Casares first, we could pick you up on the way down, let’s say 5 minutes to 9 at the roundabout of Manilva (first one coming from the coast). You can call me on 699 316394.

  2. caroline says:

    Hi Johanna, would it be ok, for me to go directly to the main gate of Los Pedregales,? I assume you’ll be there around 9.15? thanks Caroline S

  3. Nona says:

    Hi Johanna. Im very much looking forward to this walk. It would suit me to leave my car in Casares, and get a lift on with someone coming up the Manilva road. I will phone u at the end of the week and make a plan
    nona x

  4. Alva Holland says:

    Hi there, I’d like to join this walk on Sat 13th Oct. It’s been recommended to me by Caroline Sice.
    Looking forward to it.

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