A memorable walk from Jimena to Ronda

Last week Nona and I went on a six day walk from Jimena to Ronda. Our route did not just follow a straight line through the valleys. It took us over many mountain ridges, across valleys, near villages and  into many hidden corners of Andalucía. Many of which, we never knew existed!

P1020917_1280x800It was an amazing walk, fortunately we had chosen the best time of the year. Fields of beautiful spring flowers smiling in the sunshine: orchids and wild peonies on the higher ground. We saw many animals with their young, this made the walk even more special. We did quite some kilometers every day and had a few steep hills to climb, crossing the “Sierra de Grazalema”.  It was not just a stroll in the park!  The bizarre landscape and rock formations, and the amazing views made it all worthwhile. 

And last, not least, the companionship, the most important thing to make a walk a pleasant experience: Thank you Nona, you are a great friend to walk with.

See our photos of the trip: https://walking4fun.wordpress.com/jimena-ronda/

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3 Responses to A memorable walk from Jimena to Ronda

  1. Hallo Johanna,
    eine beneidenswerte Wanderung. Leider bin ich schon wieder in Deutschland. Gibt es einen GPS-Track von der gesamten Wanderroute?
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Johanna says:

    Hallo Peter, ja es war wirklich wunderschön! Ich hoffe das Wetter in Deutschland lässt Euch auch wandern gehen. Hasta pronto, Johanna

  3. Hallo Johanna and Nona,
    I only can say one word : e n v i a b l e !!
    Greetings from Germany,

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