Parauta – Igualeja Ruta circular

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-27 a las 20.20.46Sábado, 01-06-2013

Puntos de encuentro – Meeting points – Treffpunkte

09:00 Sabinillas (Manilva): Parking Lidl

09:25 San Pedro – Exit A7

10:15 Parauta

Difficultad: media, 13 km – 5 h 30 min


Captura de pantalla 2013-05-27 a las 20.06.36Nos vemos en la entrada al pueblo llegando por la MA 519. Es una ruta hermosa por bosques de castaño y unas vistas preciosas. En Igualeja podremos ver el nacimiento del Río Genal y volver por otra ruta a Parauta.

We meet at the entrance of the village (MA 519). It’s a beautiful route, passing forests of chestnut and enjoying great views. In Igualeja we will visit the spring of the Rio Genal and walk back a different route.Captura de pantalla 2013-05-27 a las 20.10.32

Wir treffen uns am Ortseingang auf der MA 519. Uns erwartet eine wunderschöne Route durch Kastanienwälder und herrlicher Aussicht. In Igualeja besuchen wir die Quelle des Río Genal und wandern auf einer anderen Route wieder zurück.

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-27 a las 20.12.11


About Johanna

I have been living in Andalusia for many years, and often get asked, what made me move here in the first place... There is no mistery to it; I love the mountains and the sea, and here I have both, unspoled nature in the Hinterland, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, and in front of me, an open horizont! What more could I ask for? I work as a hiking guide for SUR-walks, my own little company, just me and my dog!
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3 Responses to Parauta – Igualeja Ruta circular

  1. Hallo to the participants,
    I wish you a lot of fun !
    Greetings from the rainy and cold northern part of Germany.

  2. nona says:

    I will see you at Lidl along with guapa and Suti. I am looking forward to stretching the legs, and maybe having a paddle! x

  3. Herta Fritz says:

    Hi Johanna,

    I can’t come because I’ve to go for an eye operation (cataract). First one eye and later the second on.


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