Nonas Fotos Parauta – Igualeja

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About Johanna

I have been living in Andalusia for many years, and often get asked, what made me move here in the first place... There is no mistery to it; I love the mountains and the sea, and here I have both, unspoled nature in the Hinterland, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, and in front of me, an open horizont! What more could I ask for? I work as a hiking guide for SUR-walks, my own little company, just me and my dog!
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2 Responses to Nonas Fotos Parauta – Igualeja

  1. Anne degenhardt says:

    Very nice foots and interesting for me to see that area by springtime now.
    Since today we have sunshine in Germany 🙂 so I say now: sunny greetings from Germany :). Anne

  2. Peter Marada says:

    …what a great day!…I can see your smiling faces…and the dogs must have been happy as well…thank you for presenting unspoilt nature to the public…regards… Peter

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