Los Monteros – Ojén

17 Los Monteros-Ojen Ortskern Ojenremember – Erinnerung

Sábado, 02-11-2013

Meeting point – Treffpunkt

10:00 Ausfahrt Altos de Marbella – N340 – km 186 – Exit Altos de Marbella  – Bergseite/uphill side – erstes Rondell/first roundabout

12 km, 3 – 4 horas,  -easy route-leichte Route
 Ca. 300 Höhenmeter/Altitud

23 Los Monteros-Ojen Richtung Osten

 From Los Monteros we’ll walk on easy high paths with stunning  views to Ojén and go back to the same starting Point.
Stop at Ojén for tapas and more.

 Von Los Montreos Altos über leichte Höhenwege mit herrlichem Rundblick nach Ojen und zurück.
Einkehr in Ojen zu Tapas und mehr.

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8 Responses to Los Monteros – Ojén

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Hi when are where is the next walk

  2. Adrienne Clarke says:

    I would like to join you on Saturday’s walk. Thanks and regards Adrienne

  3. Martine Colombu says:

    Hola Karl,
    Thank you to organise the walk, I am very happy to come with you, if ever I would not find the meetingpoint could you give me a telefonnumber to join you. Mine is 605291190. Thank you and hasta pronto Martine Colombu

  4. CAROLINE SICE says:

    Hi Sally, I forgot to mention this, one of my Saturday morning classes have cancelled next week and I’m interested in joining this walk. It’s run by German’s and free. It’s an easy walk, are you interested? cx Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2013 14:13:26 +0000 To: cms.01@live.com

  5. Karin + Heiko says:

    Karin und Heiko wünschen allen Teilnehmern ein fröhliches laufen. Und weil wir noch etliches zu erledigen haben sind wir noch in Deutschland Beeilen uns aber um baldig mit Euch zu wandern.

    We are still in Germany, this because important thinks has to be done. We try to finish it as soon as possible to joint you.

    Greetings from Karin n Heiko

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